Working for Amazon in Bratislava

Bratislava offers several vacancies, as many multinational companies based their Shared Service Centers in the Slovak capital. One of the major employers in the city is definitely Amazon.
A vast number of professionals is already working for Amazon in Bratislava, in a truly multicultural environment.

If you would like to know more about the capital city of Slovakia, visit our Bratislava guide. You will find all the information that you require: salaries, bureaucracy, health system, housing and much more.

Bratislava Guide

Working for Amazon in Bratislava

Working for Amazon in Bratislava

Amazon is constantly looking for new hires in Bratislava. Vacancies are available in departments such as Finance, Marketing, Customer Service, Purchasing, etc. 

Requirements depend on the role. It is often enough to speak English and another language (e.g.: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, etc). Some roles require previous experience, while other roles are suitable for fresh graduates.

Visit Amazon official website to find out about all vacancies in Bratislava

Our advice

  1. Your CV must be written in English. No need to know Slovak.
  2. The interview will be in English and probably in your target language. For example if you speak English, Spanish and French you might have to speak in all those languages during the recruitment process.
  3. Salary depends on the role and on your skills and experience. If you do not have solid previous experience you might expect a net salary between EUR 800 and EUR 1,100. It is important to highlight there is the potential for quick salary progression.

Amazon recruitment process: what you should know

Amazon recruitment process is quite peculiar and it includes some specific steps:

  1. First screening: a HR representative will contact you, or alternatively, you will receive an email containing a link. Clicking on the link you will access a virtual interview. In this case the system will ask you some questions. This is a video interview that the hiring manager will later watch. Do not forget that you must be able to tell your salary expectations.

    We recommend to visit the following link provided by Amazon Phone Interview Guide.
    Keep also in mind that the Leadership Principles are crucial. During the interview you will have to provide some examples: when and how you applied Amazon leadership principles during your previous experiences.

  2. In-person interview: you are going to meet the hiring manager and other team members during 3 interviews that last for 45 minutes.  Once again Leadership Principles are key and you will have to provide new examples. We recommend to visit Amazon website and read the In-person Interview Guide.


Referral bonus

Amazon recruitment process is definitely complex, but the Referral Program can help you. What does this mean?

Multinational companies offer a financial bonus to their current employees that introduce to the company a successful candidate.

Visit Jobbami and find somebody that would like to refer you! Browse Referral Jobs.

  • If you already work for a multinational company, you can post job ads related to vacancies at your company. Once a candidate reply to a job ads you are going to receive an email from Jobbami with the candidate’s contact details. Then if you like this candidate you can reply to the ads and start a discussion.  Once you like and trust the candidate, you can refer him or her to your company.
  • If you are looking for a job, browse jobs and reply to ads to get in touch with people already working for that company you like. They can mentor you, refer you and help you during the recruitment process.

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