Human Resources (HR) Generalist

Department: Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) generalists covers a variety of function in the HR department, including lifecycle management, training and development, compensantion and benefits, employee relations, employer branding and talent acquisition.
In particular lifecycle management is connected to the different stages a worker advances through in the company and the related HR activities, including creation of documents (e.g.: contract).
Training and development refer to the job orientation and training modules provided to employees.
HR generalists also manage compensation and benefits (e.g.: health insurance, pension funds, stock schemes); relations with the employees (including with unions); employer branding (i.e.: look after the public image of the Company) and finally talent acquisition.
Talent acquisition includes all the activities related to the recruitment of new personnel, like proactively looking for candidates, analyzing candidates’ CVs, create a pipeline and submit the best candidates to the hiring manager.

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