Referral Jobs: how does it work?

The section Referral Jobs of Jobbami is the meeting point between those who are looking for a job and those who are already working in multinational companies in Europe. It’s a great tool that you should start using right now. Who is it for?

  • Those who are looking for a job and don’t know anyone who can advise them;
  • Those who are already working in a multinational company and are looking for new people to refer to their company.

Before proceeding, take a look at our article explaining what is the referral program.

We divide the article into two paragraphs, depending on your needs.

In the meantime, click on the image below to access the Referral Jobs section.

Referral jobs

If you are looking for a job

Are you looking for a job? Then you should know something that will change your life. It’s not a joke!

Multinational companies in Europe are having a hard time finding qualified personnel to cover their vacancies. The need to hire new people is always growing. What do they do, then?

They ask their employees for help. Those who work for a company can refer a person to be hired in the company! In this way, the employees themselves become some kind of “recruiters”. If the person is then hired, a bonus is awarded to the employee.

In the Referral Jobs you will find the job ads published by people like you, who work for the most important companies in the world. What can you do?

  • Choose the ads you like the most, depending on languages ​​required, location or department;
  • Get in touch with people that posted the position. Send him/her a message, and he/she will receive it via email;
  • You can attach your resume to the message, in order to make the speed up the process. Your resume will be sent to who posted the vacancy.

The publisher will receive your message, with your email address and your CV (if you attached it). From that moment on, you will be able to communicate as you prefer, and you can ask all the questions you like.

Jobbami puts you in touch with those who are already working for the company you like. What are you waiting for?

If you already work and you are looking for people to refer

Those who already work in a multinational company, know what is a referral bonus. How many times have you searched among your friends and acquaintances for someone interested in joining the company you work for?

How many times have you posted on Facebook groups around Europe? 🙂

Now you won’t need all of this anymore , because there is our Referral Jobs section. What do you have to do exactly?

  1. Register at with a valid email address; It’s free!
  2. Post all the job ads you want in the Referral Jobs, filling in the relevant fields in order to receive relevant answers;
  3. Your referrals will be approved in a few hours and you will soon see them online;
  4. Check your email, you will receive the answers of those interested in your referrals in your inbox.

The “trust factor”

If you don’t feel at ease to refer someone you don’t know, don’t worry. Through our Referral Jobs section, you can have the contacts you need, and then you can decide to get to know the potential candidates. You can exchange emails, phone or Skype calls! After all, job seekers will probably have many questions to ask you.

Finally, the Referral Jobs section offers benefits to everyone. It’s free, easy to use, and takes only a few minutes to register.

Leave us a comment, we will be happy to reply to your questions and doubts. What do we ask in return? Just a like or a share 🙂

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