How to find a job abroad without experience

Working abroad is an excellent way to build your CV. How can a fresh graduate find a job abroad without experience? There is no easy answer, but there are many opportunities available.

Consigli su come cercare lavoro all'estero senza esperienza

Multinational companies are not always looking for professionals with 2, 5 or 10 years of experience. In some cases they are looking for graduates with little or no previous experience.

An internship is the classic way to step into a multinational company, but there are other possibilities.

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The secrets to find a job abroad without experience

Let’s see, step by step, what you can do to get a job. Read this article and follow our advice: you will discover new things that will help you in your job hunting.

1 – Your greatest strenght is your degree

First lesson: Having a degree is important, but the subject of the degree is not crucial.

Graduates in Humanities such as Political Science, Literature, Philosophy or Law, often believe they would not be able to find employment at multinational companies in a foreign country.

They are wrong!

In many cases the subject of your degree would not make a difference as companies are willing to provide full training.

If you see an interesting vacancy, unless some specific requirements are mentioned, you should apply. Several companies offer many vacancies in their Shared Services Center (click here to find out what is a Shared Services Center) and many roles are suitable for fresh graduates.

2 –  Where to look for a job without experience?

Information available on the internet are often incomplete or misleading. Many companies find difficult to recruit the right candidates in many roles, including entry level roles.

The best option for you is to talk with somebody that is already working for a company.

Bonus referral all'esteroYou might not be aware that multinational companies usually offer a referral bonus to their employees that introduce to the company successful candidates.job

This means that:


  1. I work for a specific company
  2. I refer you for a vacancy
  3. You get hired
  4. I will receive a financial bonus from my company.

Everybody wins as you get the job, the person that introduced you to the company gets the referral bonus and the company hires a valid candidate.

The question is: where you can find people working at multinational companies that can introduce you to their own company?

Here on Jobbami! Just visit the page Referral Jobs.

Find a job abroad without experience
You will find vacancies posted by people working for companies (and not recruiters) and you will be able to get in touch with them. You can browse roles according to department, languages required and/or location.

The greatest advantage for you is that you will have a mentor during the recruitment process.
You can ask questions about the city, the company, the team, the salary range offered for the role and whatever comes to your mind.

All the services offered by Jobbami, including the Referral Jobs page, are completely free.
Jobbami is the place where jobseekers can get in touch with people working at multinational companies.

Second lesson: get in touch with people working for multinational companies. A referral is often the best way to find a job!

3 – European countries with the highest number of vacancies for fresh graduates

Finding a job in countries such as Germany, the UK or Ireland can be difficult if you have little or no previous experience. Our advice is to look for a job in the European countries where multinational companies are offering the highest number of entry level roles:

  • Czech Repulic (especially in Prague and Brno)
  • Hungary (especially in Budapest)
  • Poland (especially in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Lodz)
  • Slovakia (especially in Bratislava)
  • Romania (especially in Bucharest and Cluj)

Finding a first job in a multinational company in Central-Eastern Europe will allow you to build your CV and get the experience required to find, after a couple of years, a more senior (and lucrative) job in your home country. Without previous experience, it would be hard to find an employment in cities like London or Dublin: you might get stuck in some roles that are below your expectations.

What language skills are required to find a job in the countries that I just mentioned?

You do not have to speak the local languages. English is enough, and ideally you speak another European language such as German, Italian, French, Spanish, Nordic languages, Dutch or Russian.
If you are a native speaker in one of the languages just mentioned, your English does not have to be necessarily perfect.

Third lesson: don’t be afraid of being “stuck” in a country. Once you’ve entered the loop, you can move wherever you want.

4 – Tricks and secrets

What are the secrets to land an interview and be successful?

  • Look for the right vacancies. If you have no previous experience look for entry level roles. Based on your performances, in a year you will have the possibility to move into a more senior role.
  • Try to highlight your academic background.
  • If a cover letter is required, write it based on the job you’re applying for.
  • Explain the reasons behind your choice to look for a job abroad.
  • Get to know people! Connections are too important nowadays.

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