Fresh Graduate jobs in Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a gem in the heart of Europe.
The city is a major destination for tourism, thanks to its rich historical heritage.

While most people are aware of the beautiful palaces and elegant streets of Budapest, many would ignore the opportunities offered in terms of employment.
Working in Budapest can be a great way to kick off your career in multinational companies. Let’s find out why.

Companies in Budapest

Before reading the article, take a look at our guide “Working in Budapest”.

A very high number of multinational companies have their Shared Services Center in Budapest.
This means that several vacancies in Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Data Analytics, etc are always available in the city.
Some Shared Service Centers are recruiting fresh graduates with little or no previous experience. For this reason the Hungarian capital can be a great choice to start your career after college or university.

High demand means more chances to get a job.
As long as you have a university degree, you speak English (and ideally a second European language) you have a chance to find a job.

Working in Budapest offers you also the opportunity to live in a city with a vibrant nightlife and to enjoy a great balance between work and private life.
Working overtime in Shared Services Centers is not very common. This will help you build your CV while having a great life experience.

Hungary is based in the middle of Europe and the opportunity for trips are huge. For example you can easily visit Vienna or spend a summer weekend in Croatia.

Working in Budapest

As a fresh graduate you can get an entry level job in Budapest, and not just an internship.
Our opinion is that right after university salaries offered in Budapest for entry level jobs are higher than reimbursements offered for internship in Western Europe.

After you have 1/2 years of experience salaries offered in Budapest are lower than in Western Europe, but this is balanced by a lower cost of living. After you have 3 years of experience or more, salaries offered in Budapest are significantly lower than salaries offered in Western Europe.

We mentioned that several companies decided to base their Shared Services Centers in Budapest. But companies exactly?

Just to mention a few: Diageo, ExxonMobil, General Electric, IBM, BP, Roche.

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