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What is Jobbami?

Jobbami is the portal dedicated to the corporate world and it was born from the idea of two professionals with extensive experience in multinational companies.

Are you a fresh graduate?

We know how it feels. You studied, you graduated, now you are struggling to find a job because you lack experience.

Many years ago we have been in that situation, but we managed to overcome obstacles and build our careers. We covered important roles, such as leading international teams.

Now we want to share with you our knowledge. Jobbami shows you where you can find a job without previous working experience, how to prepare interviews and kick off your career.

Visit our referral section and explore vacancies brought to you directly by professionals working for companies.

In case you need some help we are here for you. Send us a message and we will do our best to help you.

Are you an experienced professional?

Explore opportunities around Europe, and find out where companies are located.
Add vacancies available at your company to our referral section and meet new candidates that you can introduce to your company.
It is our mission to help people getting hired!

Referral area

Jobbami also offers you something exclusive and unique. The Referral Area, where professionals from all over Europe can post vacancies in their companies.

What is a referral program? It is very common for companies to hire candidates introduced by existing employees. If the candidate is hired, the employee receives a monetary bonus.

Register to Jobbami and access our Referral Area. You can either post a vacancy or apply to one. It’s free!
Revolutionary, isn’t it?

Meet Our Team

Who is behind Jobbami

  • Enrico Di Stefano
    Enrico Di Stefano Co founder

    Enrico holds a master’s degree in International Studies, and built his career around Procurement and Resources Management. He spent many years abroad working for important companies like Accenture, where he worked as Procurement Team Leader. Now, he wants to share his skills and experiences and help young graduates to start their careers. He believes that each of us should spend some time abroad, in order to grow in terms of personal development.

  • Davide De Luca
    Davide De Luca Co founder

    Davide holds a master’s degree in Economics from “Roma Tre” University in Rome. He is a credit analyst and worked in Bratislava and Dublin at several companies, including Henkel and LinkedIn.

    One of the reasons why Davide decided to co-found Jobbami is to help fresh graduates to find their first job and develop their careers. 

Our Skills

Our 3 keywords: Professionalism, innovation and vision.




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